Saturday, May 31, 2008


a release
sweetness of a gesture

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I want to record an elderly couple reciting "Gold" by Donald Hall.

read this beautiful poem here:

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Thursday, May 22, 2008


HI there!
Hope your summer has been going swell!
Project Liberation once again asks of your lovely assistance and participation with a new assignment for the blog.
the task at hand: make someone laugh and snap a photo of them embracing their giggles. send it to
you can also send a preexisting photo of you or someone engaged in a relaxing laugh.
images will be compiled as a slideshow on the blog.

WARMTH/MOMENTARY ESCAPES statement on direction for Fall 2008

"Through community we are saved from loneliness , degradation, and despair”

In community we find the opportunities for shared experiences. Two points of view are presented, debated, and from this interchange, perhaps perception is positively shifted towards a brighter horizon. Is this not the essence of art? The artist wishes when displaying a work or works to merely communicate with the viewer in an encounter which is infinitely wide ranging. One wishes for a mergence to occur; for that “ ah ha” movement. This is a form of trade and exchange. In this world of vast cultures and infinite battles artists must begin to facilitate a dazzling world for the inhabitants of the here and now. As educators by nature ( all artists assume this role), we must find a way to honestly engage and help many realize these shifts in perception which have been presented by many such as two of my favorite artists, Felix Gonzalez-Torres and David Horvitz, who encourage viewer participation and whose works are truly gifts.
Encouraging viewer participation has shifted the attitudes towards art. Personally, viewer participation has helped me realize that the world is truly interconnected ( I had this experience the first time I saw an exhibition by Rivane Neuenschwander). I realized that art could be immensely personal yet political and perhaps even a bit “ selfless”.
We are striving to find our place in this world and nothing is ever certain. We are so infinitely small yet so powerful. With this being said, in a world full of degradation, I wish to lift people up through making interrelational work that allows for the participants to get to know one another while escaping the doldrums of their daily lives. I wish to actively share in activities with my participants in which they find certain actions liberating such as jumping on a trampoline as a momentary escape . I wish to help make connections while setting up experiences. This raises many questions. How well does one truly know their friends, family, co-workers? How can I positively set up events or moments of play? This is highly challenging. By setting up situations and encounters perhaps I can assume multiple roles including educator, comedian, etc. but at the same time have the participant assume these roles as well. It is a complete trade. Laughter is the best medicine and antidote to the current state of affairs. Depression has become an epidemic.
We must therefore become “ big about the little things”. Happiness can be achieved in the simplest of ways. I wish to be an advocator of this through encouragement ( facilitating activities and opening dialogue) and by generating warmth, in the form of affection, friendliness, kindness and sympathy.

This is my answer to apathy.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


1. learn people's favorite songs on guitar and play the song while they sing it!
2. supply recording of someone's favorite song and have them sing it!
3. go on a walk everyday, document interesting things and/or changes.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New ideas

1. interview lovers about how they meant. ask them to submit a nostalgic reference of this event.

2. give a lilly to someone I care about as a gift. nothing more. nothing less.

3. grab intense reflection of the sun in water-snap shot.

4. chase the sunset in photographs.

5. cook favorite childhood food-mac n cheese, carrots with honey, etc.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Years 1988

How do we relive the past? Through memories, many of which has been created through photographic representations of events that we have no physical recollection of. Photographs evoke a nostalgia for once was. In this case, with no physical recollection of this particular moment in time, the image is blurred. Not only to emphasize the lack of remembrance but to evoke the sensation of a daze,one  that I particularly felt as child due to various eye problems and constraints. Blurry images are all I know of my infancy and early childhood. Memory remains a cloud of sensations.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Risk Taking. of endings and new beginings.




1. Interview people and find out what makes them happy, then attempt to do that very thing with them as way to 1. Learn about the person 2. Spend time with the person 3. Make their day a little brighter. Document in the form of a photograph.


2. Video record couples or friends tickling each other. Montage all the footage together of everyone giggling.


3. Snap shot of everyone in my family’s smiles.


4. Snap shot of everyone in my family’s eyes.


5. Walk a city street and snap shot my path.


6. Walk under a power line and snap shot my path from above.


7. Compose an interview for my dad to ask my little brother and my grandfather; the catch is that the questions must be the same.


9.  Interview couples about how they meant, why’d they fell in love, etc.


10. Video record people hugging whispering a secret to each other. Montage all together with the volume up till the whispers are sweet nothings.


11.  Compose a project for my brother and I to do- a collaborative drawing, clay sculpture, play-do creature, etc.


12. Make stickers that encourage people to embrace the present. HERE AND NOW. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. REMEMBER TO SMILE, etc.