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A study of how we could in a simplistic manner make the spaces we inhabit more appealing...

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study for part 1 of end of semester environment (relaxation/excitation)


For my end of semester piece, I am attempting to use light and color to regulate the body of the viewer/participants. The first room will be a room for relaxation using colors that evoke this feeling (blue and green). These cool shades ease nerves and attenuate emotions. It is interesting to note that the cones within the eye are most sensitive to wavelengths at 510m with resides around green light. It is here where the heart rate drops and muscles relax.
In a corridor a red light will illuminate a hallway in which the viewer will walk down into a small room illuminated by warm colors, and by turning around will uncover their shadow and its afterimage. The idea here is that the colors and the visual sensation will literally cause a form of wonder and excitation.