Thursday, July 30, 2009

ideas ( accumulated from summer 2009)

1. a shadow wall/room. Use fluorescent paint. Room leading up to it could have UV tubes.
2. Capture light pillars in the cityscape via photographs.
3. Build a pathway/maze using plywood, house paint, and colored Mylar (warm toned)
4. More work/optical tricks with mirrors.
5. Research optical effects on the eyes.
6. Light guerilla installations in painting building/around campus and the city. In the trees.
7. Abstract videos made from toys that employ light i.e. circus toys/raves toys. Try to not make predictable. Use ethno poetic poetry distorted? Research speech patterns. Counting backwards.
8. Gold bricks/light on them reflecting/shining.
9. Conceptual aerobic idea: lights on timers, people dress in black with blindfolds, the lights go off, and the participants try to find their partners by reciting words from Gold by Donald hall. Whispering the words. Record this on video.
10. Film brick wall then attach false façade and project the extension.
11. Illuminate vanderslice reception room warm tone colors.
12 .Using light projectors to create out door color fields.
13 Record the sun. project it in its circular fashion at night? Where? On what? Why?
14 More videos with soundscapes. Project big.
15 Architectural renderings/drawings of houses I grew up in via google earth and abstract them with warm tones. Pencil, color pencil, ink.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

urban exploring for recollection of memory

"you can, of course, argue that architecture has always been about an animated surface ...[but] what does a pixel what to be?"-William J. Mitchell